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This is the story behind our story

About FOEX

FOEX is a software development company founded in 2012 in Vienna, Austria, whose mission is to simplify the way enterprise-grade web applications are being created. We provide the software tools that developers need to build custom business applications. In other words, we build software that builds software.

The brainchild of Oracle ACE Director, Peter Raganitsch and Matt Nolan, the FOEX Plugin Framework is a flexible RAD tool that enables IT teams to speed up development by orders of magnitude using basic PL/SQL and APEX knowledge. By combining what's best of Oracle APEX, Sencha ExtJS and FOEX's set of powerful plugins, our solution is used by developers for multiple use cases, from enhancing the functionality of Oracle APEX and modernizing Oracle Forms applications, to building custom modules for Oracle E-Business Suite or migrating from other legacy systems.

It is our goal to simplify the way complex web applications are being built and provide a robust platform that enables any developer to create data-centric apps as fast, easy and secure as possible.

Quick Facts

7 Nationalities
11 Languages spoken fluently
30+ Total years of APEX expertise
41 Countries worldwide
50+ Happy customers
1800+ Forum questions answered

We are present in 41 countries worldwide

Our Differentiator

Basically, we could talk here how we deliver the best solution that allows you to develop complex web applications faster and easier and to keep your IT budget under control while increasing your organization's ROI and helping you stay competitive. Of course, we can do all of that!

However, it is more important for us that we do more than that for our customers and partners. We take your success personally by providing you with the best advice, technical know-hows' and solutions, so that you can see us not only as your trusted partner, but also as an extension of your business.

FOEX exists to increase the quality of the applications’ built by any Oracle developer and to make individuals and companies succeed in reaching their goals.

Our Mission

To transform enterprise application development and provide the tools developers need to build complex business applications declaratively.

At FOEX, we believe in:

  • Collaboration - we respect our team members, partners & customers and have a firm conviction that together we achieve more
  • 100% dedication - we understand our customers’ needs and contribute to their success through our continuous support
  • Generating solutions - we know that every problem has a solution and we’re always looking for the best way to solve such challenges for our clients
  • Responsibility - we encourage each employee to take ownership over their actions and be responsible for their continuous professional development