FOEX Plugin Framework

Cut development time

With basic PL/SQL and APEX skills you can use the FOEX plugins just like building blocks. Set up in minutes and hours what normally takes days!

Enhance APEX functionality

The FOEX Plugin Framework gives you additional development features, increasing the functionality of standard APEX.

Improve user experience

FOEX uses Sencha Ext JS, the most comprehensive framework for building feature-rich cross-platform web applications targeting all device types.

What is the FOEX Plugin Framework?

A suite of powerful plugins and high-performance UI components that help development teams reduce the costs and time needed to create feature-rich, data-oriented web applications, without compromising on quality or functionality.
Deliver complex applications on time, without going over budget or needing to hire extra resources.

Powerful Plugins

  • Editable Data Grid

  • Tree & Tree Grids

  • 100% AJAX Based

  • Responsive Charts

  • Layout Manager

Why FOEX ?

  • Easy to learn

  • Fast to develop

  • Simple to deploy

  • Security hardened

  • Easy to integrate

FOEX in a nutshell

FOEX is a development framework built on top of Sencha Ext JS and Oracle Application Express (APEX). By using our tool any developer can quickly build enterprise-grade web applications that are easy to maintain and look stunning.

The FOEX Plugin Framework reduces development time, saving you money and at the same time, provides your users with a better experience.

FOEX in figures

35 Countries
152321 Lines of code
>1500 Questions answered

What others have to say about FOEX:

I am particularly impressed with the speed with which a rich interface could be assembled with FOEX components and its rapid response ability to support functional design changes.

Bharat Pappu DC Courts, Washington US

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