The FOEX Learning Center

Test some of the great features of FOEX through these demos

Forms to FOEX Summit demo

Forms to FOEX Summit demo

Topic: Oracle Forms modernization

Description: We took a sample Oracle Forms application (Summit) and rebuild it using the FOEX Plugin Framework. You can check an exact replica (click See Summit replica) or test an improved demo application (click See improved Summit demo).

FOEX Desktop plugin demo

FOEX Desktop demo

Topic: Plugin demo

Description: Check out the FOEX Desktop plugin for Oracle Application Express. This plugin is based on a single database query or an existing APEX list and can be created in just a couple of minutes.

FOEX Documentation application

FOEX Documentation

Topic: FOEX Documentation

Description: The complete FOEX documentation containing examples & demos for each of the plugins found in the FOEX Plugin Framework and links to other resources meant to help you get the most out of our low-code enterprise RAD solution.

FOEX Master Multiple Details demo

Master with multiple Details

Topic: Plugin demo

Description: This demo highlights the combination between a Master and Multiple Details. When selecting a row in the upper grid region (Application Pages) the information displayed in the bottom grids will get refreshed automatically.

FOEX Grid Form Map demo

Grid-Form-Map demo

Topic: Plugin demo

Description: A demo for some of the FOEX Plugin Framework's capabilities by combining the Grid, Form and Map components. There are many actions you can take, so make sure to check the notification popup window when launching the demo.