Getting Started with the FOEX Calendar Add-on


The FOEX Calendar Add-on is a flexible region-type plugin for managing your calendar(s) straight from the database.

This add-on comes as an extension to the FOEX Plugin Framework and is similar in functionality and behavior to Google’s calendar. In this session we cover:

  • FOEX Calendar Add-on key functionality:
    • Event recurrence support
    • Multiple display options (Day, Multi-day, Week, Multi-week, Month)
    • Manage events using Drag and Drop
    • Custom colors to define multiple calendars
    • Week number support in Month View (with links to jump to Week View)
    • 24h or AM/PM view
    • Build-in CRUD handling (computation points, validations or use your own custom processing)
  • Technical demos
  • Q & A session
Matt Nolan

Matt Nolan

Co-Founder & CTO, FOEX GmbH

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