Discover the FOEX Plugin Framework

The FOEX Plugin Framework is a low-code rapid application development (RAD) tool that helps developers build enterprise-grade business applications using Oracle APEX and Sencha Ext JS. We provide the essential building blocks so that anyone with basic PL/SQL and Oracle APEX knowledge is able to create both the client-side and server-side of large-scale web applications fast and with ease.

Why choose the FOEX Plugin Framework

You use a low-code rapid application development tool that is 100% AJAX-based

Work with just one vendor who develops & supports 140+ plugins for Oracle APEX

We offer guaranteed compatibility between the Oracle APEX, ExtJS and FOEX components

Lean learning curve - all you need to get started is basic PL/SQL & APEX knowledge

More time spent on the business logic, rather than coding

Just like Oracle APEX, our solution is cloud-ready

Lean learning curve for your IT team through our 2-day Developer Guide, demos & tutorials

Deliver complex IT systems on time & budget

Our solution enables you to build large-scale business applications using limited resources

Lower application development & maintenance costs significantly

Our solution enables you to allocate resources more efficient

Get better control over your IT budget & spending

Modernize your internal IT systems at a fraction of the cost

Work with a software vendor present already in 47 countries worldwide

Applications built using our solution can run independent of software license renewal

How did others leverage the FOEX Plugin Framework?


Faster development

Developing with APEX & FOEX is on average 5x faster than with a Java or a JavaScript framework.


Productivity improvement

IT ticketing application gets built 3x faster by using the FOEX Plugin Framework.


Resource optimization

Project that required 30 APEX developers could be done with 10 developers using APEX & FOEX.

Compatibility Matrix

APEX version Firefox 35+ Chrome 40+ Safari 7+ IE 10+
APEX 5.1.x
APEX 5.0.x
APEX 4.2.x
APEX version Firefox 35+ Chrome 40+ Safari 7+ IE 10+
APEX 5.1.x
APEX 5.0.x
APEX 4.2.x
APEX version Firefox 35+ Chrome 40+ Safari 7+ IE 10+
APEX 5.1.x
APEX 5.0.x
APEX 4.2.x

Create more, with less. Integrate and Deploy with ease everywhere.

100% AJAX-based

With FOEX you can shift your focus on building great, data-centric applications, not just web pages. Enhance your users' experience and reduce the loading times by building AJAX-centric single page web applications.

Security hardened

Take advantage of the build-in security features of APEX. Our plugins constantly undergo rigorous security checks and support all the standard APEX features like Session State Protection, Conditions, Authorisations and Build Options.

Cross-browser compatible

By using the FOEX Plugin Framework your applications are optimized to work smoothly with all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Powerful UI components

The FOEX Plugin Framework uses Sencha Ext JS, one of the most comprehensive Javascript UI libraries, so that you can provide users with an enhanced experience and improved design.

Intuitive & easy to learn

Our plugin framework is easy to learn, saving you precious time needed for training your team. With basic skills of PL/SQL and APEX developers can get started with FOEX right away.

Integration capable

By adding functionality to Oracle APEX, FOEX provides a rich user experience that is perfect for creating large-scale web applications, while also giving you access to all the integration capabilities that Oracle APEX provides.

Lifecycle improvements

Benefit from the continuous enhancements of Oracle APEX, Sencha Ext JS and FOEX. We ensure support for 130+ plugins for Oracle APEX and guarantee the compatibility between the APEX, Ext JS and FOEX components.