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FOEX gives you the flexibility to use it where it is appropriate to use FOEX and work with other technologies where it is appropriate to use them.


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Why Forms developers choose FOEX

    Maximize your Forms investment by re-using database objects & business logic
    A similar approach to Forms when building Master-Detail-Detail pages
    Use improved wizards to easily build data-heavy pages in your application
    You only need basic PL/SQL and APEX skills to get started with FOEX
    Develop and run applications using only a web browser
    Use high-performance UI elements of Sencha ExtJS to improve user experience
    FOEX is 100% AJAX-based and doesn't require a JVM on the client side

Why managers choose FOEX

    Lean learning curve for your team
    Decrease development & maintenance costs
    Deliver applications faster and improve ROI
    We provide a similar Forms-like functionality and a modern UI
    Just like APEX, FOEX is cloud-ready
    Forms developers can quickly get started with using our solution
    We ensure the compatibility between APEX, Ext JS and FOEX

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What others have to say about working with FOEX:

"Rich applications, ultra-fast development, great support and documentation; if you want these things in web development, you want FOEX."

Eric Johnson (Software Engineer, IRCS US)

"Thanks to FOEX, we get to spend much more time on the business logic of the application. Most importantly, we can deliver applications that put data into context."

Alex Hafner (Systems Architect, appsmode GmbH)

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