Licensing our software and add-ons

The FOEX Plugin Framework and all other standalone addons are commercial licensed products developed by FOEX GmbH.

In order to develop and distribute your application(s) using the FOEX plugins, you must adhere to the obligations and conditions enforced by the licensing agreement:

  • Our commercial software license is a traditional "per developer seat" license. Each developer who works on an application with the FOEX Plugin Framework installed is considered a separate seat.
  • The license is a per named user (not a floating license).
  • If a developer for whom the license was purchased is no longer working on the applications which use the FOEX Plugin Framework, you may reassign the license.
  • The license includes deployment of unlimited numbers of applications to unlimited numbers of sites, users and devices.
  • Using this license to build any kind of SDK or application builder with the FOEX Plugin Framework is prohibited. You can get in touch and request a special license type for this purpose.
  • Access to patches, minor and major releases requires you to purchase and maintain a valid support subscription.