Meet FOEX at Oracle OpenWord

Get a sneak peek into the new version of the FOEX Plugin Framework

Meet us at Oracle OpenWorld to preview some of the improvements that FOEX v3.0 will bring: tablet support, improved UI components, new themes, grid enhancements and many others. Use the form on this page to request a meeting to see how using the FOEX Plugin Framework enables you to speed up development and decrease costs at the same time.

How can FOEX help & why you should meet us?

Modernize Forms

Save time by reusing the database objects & business logic of your Oracle Forms applications.

Enhance APEX

With FOEX you can improve the functionality of APEX and increase developer productivity.

Light BI Tool

Our solution enables you to build information-dense screens and business dashboards with ease.

Preview FOEX v3.0

Preview the new features and improved UI components of the FOEX Plugin Framework.

Whom you can meet on Oracle Open World!

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Peter Raganitsch, the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of FOEX. He has more than 20 years of experience in developing complex applications using Oracle solutions. Peter is an Oracle ACE Director and active speaker within the APEX community.

Peter's knowledge in developing enterprise web applications coupled with his in-depth know-how of Oracle APEX are one of the core pillars on which the FOEX Plugin Framework was built.

Markus Lauda, the Co-CEO of FOEX. He has a successful history of 20+ years in B2B sales, with a strong focus on indirect sales within the IT industry. Additionally he brings to FOEX a wealth of experience from his previous sales director and general manager roles.

Markus's key strength is his experience in building successful customer relationships and partnerships which bring success and rewards to all parties involved. Among others, he is currently responsible for managing and growing FOEX's network of worldwide partners.