Speed Up Your Enterprise App Development

Are your APEX applications increasing in complexity? Do customer requirements become more demanding or change frequently? Enhance the current functionality of Oracle APEX and go beyond building simple CRUD apps with the FOEX Plugin Framework.

While Oracle APEX can (and should) be used for developing front-end web applications, on the back-end increasingly complex systems require customization and additional code to be manually written and maintained. Our plugins enhance the standard functionality of APEX enabling you to build a whole new type of web applications.

Consider using the FOEX Plugin Framework when you:

  • need to develop web applications with rich functionality and have many Master-Detail-Detail relations within a page
  • must build information-dense screens within your app
  • are looking for a low-code Enterprise RAD tool
  • need to deliver large-scale web applications using limited resources (time, money, developers)
  • are looking for a vendor which provides & guarantees support for 130+ plugins for Oracle APEX
  • want to decrease costs with development and application maintenance

Why APEX developers choose FOEX

We extend the current capabilities of APEX allowing you to build large-scale web applications fast and with ease

With FOEX you get spend more time on your app's business logic, rather than coding

Lean learning curve, as all you need to get started with FOEX is basic PL/SQL knowledge

Use improved wizards to easily build data-heavy pages

FOEX enables you to easily set up Master-Detail-Detail relations between various components: Grids, Forms, Treegrids, Charts, Big numbers and Listviews

Leverage 130+ plugins to speed up your development

FOEX is 100% AJAX-based

Use high-performance UI components from ExtJS

Why managers choose FOEX

Featured customer stories

Read the success stories from some of our customers who decided use the FOEX Plugin Framework to enhance the current Oracle APEX functionality.

appsmode GmbH Case Study

appsmode GmbH picks FOEX as trusted vendor for enhancing APEX with multiple plugins

Founded in 2012 by experienced consultants, appsmode GmbH specializes in providing Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) services, helping customers leverage their investments in Oracle EBS. The company provides a wide range of services for Oracle EBS, among which building custom solutions and extensions meant to increase the efficiency for data entry and transaction processing.

Approached by a customer to create a solution including custom EBS modules, the appsmode team needed to provide end users with information dense forms which have many Master-Detail and Master-Detail-Detail relationships. The main challenge the team faced was the complexity in data entry, as users needed multiple views for the same form, based on user permissions and workflow.

Sutton Tools Case Study

Sutton Tools uses APEX/FOEX to replace legacy system and improve operations & customer service

Sutton Tools is a 100% Australian family owned business which specializes in manufacturing quality cutting tools and accessories. The company employs over 400 people in Australia and New Zealand and manages over 20,000 line items that get distributed globally, servicing the Tool & Die, Aerospace, Automotive and General Engineering industries, as well as trade and DIY.

To maintain their competitive advantage and quality of customer service, Sutton Tools needed a new software that had to consider additional variables such as the user’s geographical location - as different products are being sold in different regions, product images, catalog language and new information such as each product’s features and benefits.


"Thanks to FOEX, we get to spend much more time on the business logic of the application. Most importantly, we can deliver applications that put data into context and allow users to navigate across the many dimensions of their commercial data."

Alex Hafner (Systems Architect, appsmode GmbH)