Modern UI, similar Forms functionality

Do your Oracle Forms applications look stuck in the 80s? Do you spend more time on maintenance than on innovation? Give your apps a modernizing makeover using the FOEX Plugin Framework.

Before (Oracle Forms)

After (FOEX)

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Why Forms developers choose FOEX

Develop and run applications using only a web browser

Use improved wizards to easily build data-heavy pages in your application

FOEX is an extension of APEX, enhancing its capability and allowing you to create large-scale web applications with basic PL/SQL and APEX knowledge

Maximize your previous Forms investment by re-using existing database objects and business logic

FOEX provides a similar approach to building Master-Detail-Detail-Detail pages

Setup in minutes & hours what would normally take days or weeks

FOEX is 100% AJAX-based

Improve your user interface with high-performance UI components

Doesn't require JVM on the client side

Use 130+ plugins to speed up your development

Why managers choose FOEX

Lean learning curve for your team through our 2-day Developer Guide, demos & tutorials

Decrease development & maintenance costs

FOEX increases developer productivity enabling you to deliver applications faster and improve ROI

Applications developed with the FOEX Plugin Framework provide similar Forms-like functionality but with a modern UI and responsive design

Like APEX, FOEX is cloud-ready

Your developers can quickly get started with FOEX using their Oracle Forms knowledge

We handle any compatibility issues between APEX, Ext JS and FOEX components

Featured customer stories

Read the success stories from some of our customers who decided use the FOEX Plugin Framework to modernize their Oracle Forms applications.

Sogema Technologies Case Study

Sogema Technologies uses FOEX to migrate from Oracle Forms

Sogema Technologies is an international organization based in Quebec, Canada and active in over 25 countries worldwide, specialized in offering advisory and technical assistance services for the development, implementation and management of large scale institutional and private sector funded projects.

The company has developed a full range of custom software solutions using Oracle Forms and PL/SQL, that are adapted to each country’s specific requirements. In order to maintain its competitiveness and provide more accessible solutions, the company made the strategic decision to migrate their existing solutions from Oracle Forms to a newer technology.

IRCS Inc Case Study

IRCS chooses FOEX to rebuild behavioral healthcare EHR and billing software

IRCS Inc. is a leading consulting and technology services firm focused on the behavioral healthcare industry in the USA. The company helps customers plan their investments in design and technology, implement projects that drive competitive advantage and manage critical applications to improve business performance.

For many years Iris - an Oracle Forms & Reports application, was used to manage administrative tasks within the healthcare industry. In order to provide more information on the application’s screen and keep the same user experience, IRCS needed to rebuild the entire application using newer technologies.


"We started out with a 2-week standard APEX training and for the FOEX Plugin Framework we just completed the 2-day Developer Guide. It amazes me every day just how quick it is to develop complex applications using the FOEX Plugin Framework."

Chris Freeman (COO, IRCS Inc.)