A tool for developing feature-rich single-page web apps in Oracle APEX

FOEX provides a RAD tool made of 130+ AJAX-centric plugins for Oracle APEX, which enables developers to quickly build complex business applications through declarative programming, using basic knowledge of PL/SQL and APEX.


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Why developers choose to work with us

The FOEX Plugin Framework combines what's best of Oracle APEX and Sencha ExtJS. Here are just some of the reasons why developers choose our solution for developing complex business applications:

    100% AJAX-based rapid application development (RAD) tool for Oracle APEX
    Create Master-Detail relations between nearly all major region types
    Use 60+ Region & Item plugins and 70+ Dynamic Action & Process plugins
    Easy to learn - all you need is basic PL/SQL & APEX skills to get started
    FOEX is an extension of APEX, introducing new components and design patterns
    One vendor who provides support for 130+ plugins for Oracle APEX
    Guaranteed compatibility between APEX, ExtJS and FOEX components
    Developers get to spend more time on the business logic, rather than coding
    Use our browser add-on with improved wizards to build data-heavy pages fast
    Unlimited runtime for the applications you build

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What others have to say about working with FOEX:

"The combination of APEX & FOEX provides us with a powerful and efficient tool for developing modern applications. If it wasn’t for these tools we wouldn’t have been able to finish our project."

Christopher Ferkl (IT Manager, ELK Fertighaus GmbH)

"Thanks to FOEX, we get to spend much more time on the business logic of the application. Most importantly, we can deliver applications that put data into context."

Alex Hafner (Systems Architect, appsmode GmbH)

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