How others leveraged the power of FOEX

Product management application built by Sutton Tools using the FOEX Plugin Framework

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Sutton Tools


Application type: Product & service management software

Description: An application that manages the company's 20.000+ line items and a set of RESTful services which provide data to end users, industrial companies and other business entities (e.g SalesForce).

A back office process management application for law firms

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Application type: Administrative software for lawyers

Description: Management software based modules that automate back office processes for law firms including: finance, accounting, tax, planning, contract management and reporting.

IRCS FOEX application

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Application type: Healthcare administration & billing software

Description: A behavioral healthcare EHR and billing software developed to reduce the time spent with the administrative tasks. The application provides several modules including scheduling, billing, reporting and online clinical documentation.

Sogema FOEX application

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Sogema Technologies


Application type: Tax administration system for governments

Description: An integrated suite of modules that enables governments to automate the administration of all taxes and licenses using a single comprehensive information system. It is currently used in 26 countries worldwide by 12.5 million users.

appsmode GmbH FOEX application

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appsmode GmbH


Application type: Data entry software

Description: A data entry tool that uses custom EBS modules to provides multiple views for the same form, based on user permissions and workflow.